We’re a team of passionate artists specialized in portraying unbuilt spaces & product designs through photo realistic computer generated images. Our unique approach ensures your vision is captured from the outset through a comprehensive process, as well as avoiding unnecessary reviews. For us is not just about pretty images, it’s about adding value to you marketing campaign with a consistent set of story telling imagery.


Architectural & Product CGIs

3D Animation






The AX2 Studio journey started in 2012 when two architects Guilherme Pinheiro e Philip Alder decided to use their experience within the industry to join forces, specializingĀ  in architectural visualization. AX2 stands for architects multiplied by 2 and since then, they’ve never looked back. It was clear the choice made of focusing on their artistic side was their passion.

In 2014 the market in Brazil was not prosperous and they decided to search for an alternative country that could offer better opportunities and also contemplate their lifestyle. Australia seemed perfect as the market fits well the studio’s vision andĀ  has similar weather to Brazil with perfect waves for surfing, which would fits Guilherme’s (known as GEE there) lifestyle.

Philip was born in Switzerland and made sense for them to open another office in Europe, which also has great market and would fulfill Philip’s lifestyle for snowboarding.

The Studio has grown in both countries and the technology allows them to operate remotely with clients world wide.

Alexandre Meneses came onboard as a partner in 2014. After a couple years of collaboration he was a perfect fit to keep the office running in Brazil and is a key person running projects between the 3 Offices.