We’re a team of passionate artists specialized in portraying unbuilt spaces & product designs through photorealistic 3D visualisations. Our unique approach ensures your vision is captured from the outset through a comprehensive process, ensuring that every element is incorporated into the project. For us is not just about pretty images, it’s about adding value to you marketing campaign with a consistent set of storytelling imagery.


Architectural & Product CGIs

3D Animation






The AX2 Studio was founded by Guilherme Pinheiro and Philip Alder nearly a decade ago to provide high quality photorealistic architectural images. Inspired by the demand of their clients, including developers and architects, AX2 Studio dedicates to create the client’s need and vision, delivering a final product with the highest level of realism. Guilherme Pinheiro, known as Gee is based in Australia and Philip Alder is in Switzerland, which respectively fit their surfing and
snowboarding lifestyle. AX2 Studio has also a third office in Brazil in which Alexandre Meneses is the Director. We operate worldwide.