We’re a small team of passionate artists specializing in portraying future space & product designs through photorealistic computer generated images.


Architectural & Product CGIs

3D Animation



Guilherme Pinheiro


Guilherme (Gee) is passionate about creating emotive illustration heavily influenced by nature and photography. An architect and urban planner since 2007, Gee’s real world expertise underpins the exceptional realism in his imagery.
A true professional in his field, he maintains a strong focus on developing and creating visuals for future spaces.
When not at work he will be searching for a swell to surf.

Alex Meneses

Creative Director

Alex started illustrating comic books in 1999. His vast experience in the field came through collaborating with a large number of Marketing Agencies and Architectural firms over the past 15 years.
His extensive list of skill won’t fit here, illustration , brand identity , web development and interior design are just a few.
When not at work he will be playing soccer or watching movies.